WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone but not forgotten

Here’s my take on this week’s challenge. For other entries, click here. Gone, But Not Forgotten

Rosebud Theatre Sign
Rosebud Theatre Sign

We thoroughly enjoyed this play, “Cotton Patch Gospel.”

John Deere model D
John Deere model D

I can remember these old John Deere ‘put-put’ tractors, now they’re antiques.


This was our pet dog for 16 years on her last walk with us.


  1. Lovely photographs, especially the one of your dog. That must have been a very sad walk. I hope your memories give you comfort.
    The ping-back problem is a nuisance – hope they fix it soon.


  2. Thank you. I still miss, but will not forget Patches, she was definitely an integral part of our family. I too hope they can fix the ping-back issue soon.


  3. great photos for this challenge. am sorry for your loss of Patches. those four-pawed little ones do leave an unmistakable gap behind. their final farewell is always the one sad thing about sharing a home with an animal, but all the other wonderful memories and the joy they bring do make it worthwhile all the same, i find.


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