Thursday Doors – August 6, 2015

Church of the Annunciation doors in Nazareth
Church of the Annunciation doors in Nazareth

This main door of the R.C. Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth depicts the life of Christ. Last year we visited this church. It is the largest Christian sanctuary in the Middle East. The present structure was built by an Israeli firm, and completed in 1969. Prior to that, the first church was built in the Byzantine era, then destroyed by the Muslims in the seventh century. Then another church was built on the ruins of the Byzantine one in the Crusader era.

The property is managed by the Franciscan order, which I find rather ironic, since Francis himself lived a life of poverty, and yet the Franciscan order in Israel manages a lot of extremely valuable “real estate.” At any rate, there are actually two churches of the Annunciation in Nazareth, this one, and a Greek Orthodox one located by a spring, where they believe Mary received the message that she would give birth to Jesus.

Be sure to visit other doors here.


  1. Many thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, there is some beautiful and skilled work in these doors, which are inspiring.


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