Easter Day

The empty tomb. Christ is risen!
The empty tomb. Christ is risen!

On this day Christians around the globe celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. All four gospel accounts, although they differ in details, do mention an empty tomb, and that Christ had been raised from the dead. I took this photo two years ago, when we made our pilgrimage to Israel. Many believe that this empty tomb was where the dead body of Jesus was placed when he was removed from the cross at the near-by place-of-the skull, Golgotha.

Over the centuries, Christians celebrate the resurrection by greeting one another with the words: “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!” One of the basic beliefs of the Christian faith is that Christ’s resurrection was ‘the first fruit,’ a sign of our future, and one day we too will share in a resurrection like his. This message of the resurrection gives Christians joy and hope both now and for the future.


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