Thursday Doors – September 29, 2016

Dental Choice, Old Strathcona area, Edmonton
Dental Choice, Old Strathcona area, Edmonton
Door close-up
Door close-up

Notice the words on the right “Because your comfort.” As a person who does not enjoy going to the dentist, I find such phrases in the least ironic, and at worst (to employ an old ecclesiastical word with negative connotations) an anathema-i.e. something intensely disliked.  For more interesting doors from all over the globe, and/or to share yours, visit Norm’s Thursday Doors.



  1. I love my dentist! I’ve never felt uneasy going to the Dentist. The Eye Doctor…that’s the one I don’t do unless I absolutely have to! 🙂 This Dentist is colorful and fun. You should try him or her! 🙂


  2. I guess how you feel about the dentist (or any other such person) depends whether or not you have things done there that are uncomfortable or painful. I’ve never had a problem with the dentist. Love the color scheme here.



  3. My above comment is answer to undiscovered…

    Janet you like Circadian…don’t seem to have a problem with dentists, all I can say is that is and was not my experience. It’s always unpleasant.


  4. Great shot of that door, but one that you would have to drag me through. I have a terrible dread of dentists, from childhood. I need to be in pain before I see one and, fortunately, I never have toothache. 🙂

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