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Historic Jaffa
Historic Jaffa

In biblical times, the name was Joppa, in Hebrew meaning “beauty.” In Joshua 19:46, we learn that this city was allotted to the tribe of Dan. It was the port where cedars from Lebanon came, which were used to construct the first and second temples (2 Chronicles 2:16; Ezra 3:7). The prophet Jonah boarded a ship here, attempting to flee from God’s call to him to go to Nineveh,  (Jonah 1:3). The apostle Peter raised the dead Dorcas  here as recorded in Acts 9:36-43.

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  1. thanks for sharing. always fascinating how many cities and places had multiple events which occurred over time. another example is Mt Moriah and Golgotha…
    glad you enjoyed your visit here. perhaps one day my travels will end up here, too…. 🙂

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