Thursday Doors: March 2, 2017

Inner Montana's doors with snowshoes.
Inner Montana’s doors with snowshoes.

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Thursday doors, so thought I’d share these with you today. I took this shot with my iPhone inside the small entrance-way to Montana’s, and couldn’t capture the doors from top to bottom, but wanted to include the snowshoes.

Montana's outside main entrance doors.
Montana’s outside main entrance doors.

For more interesting doors from around the globe, and/or to share yours, check out Norm 2.0.



  1. Snow shoes………. are they in case of an unexpected snowstorm? Strange as it may seem, back in the early ’80’s here in Ireland we had one of those storms. We woke up to six foot drifts against the rear of our house and couldn’t get out our back door. Luckily we had a front one and dug our way through to the back. I had never seen snow like that before.


  2. Wow! That’s a lot of snow. We haven’t had that much snow around here for some time, although in eastern Canada they’ve had quite a lot. Definitely snowshoes come in handy with that much snow.


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