Thursday Doors – June 15, 2017

St Laurens Kerk, Rotterdam, Netherlands exterior side view

Recently, my wife and I were privileged to go on a holiday to Norway. We had to fly to the Netherlands to board our cruise ship at Rotterdam. Rotterdam is a lovely, clean, ultra-contemporary city. Yet it has an interesting mix of the old and the new. Unfortunately, the day we visited St Laurens Kerk, it was closed. However, we managed to take some photos of its exterior.

St Laurens Kerk dates back to 1449 – 1525. It is a Protestant Church-Dutch Reformed. It was badly damaged during World War II. The Dutch people however decided to restore it, and the restoration was completed in 1968.

St Laurens Kerk, front exterior view
St Laurens Kerk, front doors
St Laurens Kerk, front doors

For more interesting doors from around the globe, and to share yours, visit Norm 2.0.



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