Thursday Doors – September 7, 2017

Korskirken-Holy Cross or Church of the Cross, Bergen, Norway.

This church was built around 1150, and is a Church of Norway (Lutheran) church.

Church of the Cross tower. In it’s earlier history there were 2 towers, one of them was destroyed by fire in the 16th century.
A closer look at the Church of the Cross’s wooden doors with decorative hinges.
Interior doors.
Church of the Cross exterior.

The church was destroyed by fire and rebuilt several times over the centuries. Today it is known as “The City Mission – Open Church.” An inclusive church, it hosts a lot of concerts, welcomes people to come and pray during the day, and engages in social work with the poor and needy. ¬†Historically, a member of this church was a missionary in Greenland, and the famous and controversial lay preacher-reformer of the 19th century, Hans Nielsen Hauge was associated with this congregation. For more interesting doors from around the world, click here.



  1. Wow – those hinges are huge! I really enjoy it when we’re able to get inside and see the doors from the other side, as well as the interior. Nice job!


  2. Love the first one, even though it’s more”dark” than the second church. Somehow it looks very artsy. Is the tower to the left or right of your first capture?


  3. Thank you. It is an interesting church from an artistic and architectural point-of-view, in that over the centuries there were different trends, such as Baroque, Gothic, Romanesque, etc.


  4. With the church being damaged or destroyed by fire so many times over the centuries, they perhaps wanted to build a substantial edifice, hoping it would last well into the distant future.


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