WPC: Tour Guide

Library and the Young Luther statue at Augustana Campus, University of Alberta (formerly Camrose Lutheran College), my alma mater.


My home is a wee city, Camrose (population ca 18,000), one hour south east of Edmonton, Alberta. From the photo above there are two clues regarding Camrose. i) It is a college town. ii) Camrose Lutheran College was founded in the early twentieth century by mainly Norwegian (as well as some other Scandinavian) Lutherans.

The Faith & Life Centre on Augustana Campus is a venue for regular worship services as well as choral and other musical concerts.

Augustana has a strong music program and has produced reputable choirs over the decades. Other choirs also enjoy singing in the Augustana chapel and have performed concerts here. The Faith & Life Centre is named after the Rev. Glen Johnson, a former President of Camrose Lutheran College, when I was a student there a long time ago.

Also on the Augustana Campus is the new, recently opened state-of-the-art Peter & Jeanne Lougheed Performing Arts Centre.

The acoustics in this concert hall are excellent. The building was built for energy efficiency too, you may notice from the photo the solar panels on the tower section of the structure.

Mirror Lake is human-made, and not too far from downtown Camrose.

There is a walking-bicycle path around the lake.

Rotary All Seasons Park

This lovely park is a wonderful place to walk or ride bicycle in the spring, summer and autumn, and of course, cross-country ski in the winter!  Other cultural events that draw visitors to Camrose are the Big Valley Jamboree Country Music Festival in the summer, and the Nordlys Film Festival in the winter.I hope you enjoyed my brief tour of Camrose. For more interesting photos from around the globe, and/or to share yours, click here.


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